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Peter Slickers (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 14:13:25 +0100 (MET)

You wrote:
> Hi, Peter !
> thanks for your help. That does explain it.
> The problem is, we are a small institute and don't really have a webmaster,
> we just struggle to keep things running ourselves.
> Is anybody able to give more details on how to configure a Unix WWW server
> to stamp the *.ras (or *.rasmol) files correctly ?
> Many thanks.
> Luis
I have just ask our system manager. Fortunatly we are sitting in
the same room. We are running the CERN appache server, so the
following applies for this program. There is directory 'config'
and in this directory there is a file 'mime.types'. We have
appended the following line to that file and then restarted the server:

chemical/x-ras rasmol

This means that all files with the extension 'rasmol' are
delivered with the MIME stamp 'chemical/x-ras'. I have
already mentioned that the extension 'ras' is used for
some raster graphic files and therefore shouldn't be used
for RasMol scripts. This problem is currently arising with
the Halle server which mirrors the PPS course. This server
delivers RasMol script files, which have the extension '*.ras',
stamped with the MIME type 'image/x-cmu-raster'.


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