Re: Help mounting project

Stephen Tate (
Thu, 27 Oct 1994 20:59:21 +0000

I have also tried this and after ensuring that the script worked locally I
mounted the file and linked it into my www pages only to find that it did not
work on my Mac? - even the local copy does not work anymore

Strangely the same file did work on a PC at work ?

does anybody have any ideas?

Steve Tate

Peter Slickers wrote:
> Luis wrote:
> >
> > Finally finished the project, just in time to meet the deadline.
> > I have tried to mount it on my server and everything works fine...
> > except for my rasmol scripts I was so proud about.
> > Here's what I did and what happens:
> > made the script files (*.ras)
> > pasted at the end the PDB files, after the command "exit"
> > terminated with "."
> > configured Netscape to launch rasmol -script on ras files
> > when I try this locally it works wonderfully: Netscape launches rasmol
> > and runs the script.
> > However, when the same files are read from the UNIX server it launches
> > Rasmol, loads the atom coordinates but does not run the script.
> > Why is that ?
> > Can anybody help ?
> I had the same problem. The answer is, that the WWW
> server of your institute must deliver the "*.ras" files
> to WWW browsers together with the appropriate MIME
> stamp. Therefore your system manager must configurate
> your WWW server to send the MIME stamps "chemical/x-ras"
> with all files which are named "*.ras". But this
> has some unpleasant draw-backs, because the file extension
> ".ras" is already used for some graphic raster files.
> To go around this we have configured our server in Jena
> to send the MIME type "chemical/x-ras" with all files
> named "*.rasmol". This does not make a difference
> for any WWW browser, which receives such a file, because
> the WWW browser starts the helper application RasMol
> according to the MIME stamp of the received file and
> not depending on the file name extension.
> Anyway, because configurating NetScape for RasMol was a
> problem for some people I asked to read my project, I
> included a description of how to do this to my project.
> This description is located at:
> Peter
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