Re: Help mounting project

Peter Slickers (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 17:20:10 +0200 (MDT)

Luis wrote:
> Finally finished the project, just in time to meet the deadline.
> I have tried to mount it on my server and everything works fine...
> except for my rasmol scripts I was so proud about.
> Here's what I did and what happens:
> made the script files (*.ras)
> pasted at the end the PDB files, after the command "exit"
> terminated with "."
> configured Netscape to launch rasmol -script on ras files
> when I try this locally it works wonderfully: Netscape launches rasmol
> and runs the script.
> However, when the same files are read from the UNIX server it launches
> Rasmol, loads the atom coordinates but does not run the script.
> Why is that ?
> Can anybody help ?

I had the same problem. The answer is, that the WWW
server of your institute must deliver the "*.ras" files
to WWW browsers together with the appropriate MIME
stamp. Therefore your system manager must configurate
your WWW server to send the MIME stamps "chemical/x-ras"
with all files which are named "*.ras". But this
has some unpleasant draw-backs, because the file extension
".ras" is already used for some graphic raster files.

To go around this we have configured our server in Jena
to send the MIME type "chemical/x-ras" with all files
named "*.rasmol". This does not make a difference
for any WWW browser, which receives such a file, because
the WWW browser starts the helper application RasMol
according to the MIME stamp of the received file and
not depending on the file name extension.

Anyway, because configurating NetScape for RasMol was a
problem for some people I asked to read my project, I
included a description of how to do this to my project.
This description is located at:


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