Help mounting project

Luis P. Candeias (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 18:45:10 -0500

Hi, everybody !
Finally finished the project, just in time to meet the deadline.
I have tried to mount it on my server and everything works fine...
except for my rasmol scripts I was so proud about.
Here's what I did and what happens:
made the script files (*.ras)
pasted at the end the PDB files, after the command "exit"
terminated with "."
configured Netscape to launch rasmol -script on ras files
when I try this locally it works wonderfully: Netscape launches rasmol
and runs the script.
However, when the same files are read from the UNIX server it launches
Rasmol, loads the atom coordinates but does not run the script.
Why is that ?
Can anybody help ?

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