help with Rasmol on SGI/Irix5.3
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 18:27:09 +0200

Dear fellow PPS'ers,

My apologies for a long, and probably stupid message, I need help...

I've been trying to install rasmol on an Indy, I read the
documentation, modified the makefile, and all I got was a very frustrating
error message :

Indy338 4# make
cc -c -O2 -xansi -DFUNCPROTO rasmol.c
cfe: Error: rasmol.c: 8: Cannot open file stdlib.h for #include
cfe: Error: rasmol.c: 10: Cannot open file signal.h for #include
cfe: Error: rasmol.c: 11: Cannot open file stdio.h for #include
cfe: Error: /usr/include/sys/time.h: 145: Cannot open file time.h for #include
*** Error code 1 (bu21)
(I got the same kind of errors with gcc...)

To set the scene, my knowledge of C language is nil, and my
familiarity with Unix quite low, but I've already succesfully installed a
few softs on that machine. The machine is an Indy 4400 under Irix 5.3
(installed from the distribution CD-rom). The local Unix gurus have told me
in the past that SGI machines are weird, and they have been of very very
little help, to say the least. To make a long story short, I've looked for
informations on the net, and found discussions, and FAQs, about compilers
and SGI. The way I understand it, my machine is missing some pieces to make
its compiler a true working compiler. I read also that SGI sells a
developper kit, and that it is quite expensive.

So my questions are : Am I right in thinking that my machine is
missing some essential pieces of software ? Do I have to buy the SGI
developper toolkit ? (I am dreaming of installing also
Naomi/Molscript/Raster3D, but I fear the worst !)

Any piece of advice will be much appreciated.


Pierre Hubert
INSERM U. 338 - 5 rue Blaise Pascal
67084 Strasbourg Cedex France
tel (33) 88 45 67 20 - fax (33) 88 60 08 06