MD Animation in Chime w/ XYZ (fwd)

Jacky Turner (
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 15:05:42 +0100 (BST)

Here are some comments from Eric Martz who was not able to get to the last
RasMol BioMOO meeting.

I enjoyed reading the transcript of the latest BioMOO. I have only
one postscript to add. With regard to Clare Sansom's question about making
a molecular dynamics (MD) movie, I'd like to suggest that you take a look
at an exciting MD animation showing thermal motion and partial unwinding of
an alpha helix segment made by Raul E. Cachau ( This
can be viewed with Xmol from the Rzepa/Whitaker hyperactive molecules site Tim Maffett of MDLI used this
example obtained from the Imperial College site to implement XYZ animation
display in Chime, which is free for adacemic and personal use at home (and
will remain so indefinitely).

Although this MD animation has not yet made it onto MDLI's 'cool examples'
page, Tim kindly provided it to me and gave me permission to share it with
you. You can download Chime from (installation is extremely
simple) and then use Netscape to view BE WARNED that there was a
bug in the Chime released in May (at least for Windows 3.1) which caused it
to stop working a month before the announced July 31st. You can get a more
recent version from MDLI which fixes this. Unfortunately, the more recent
version has a new bug which corrupts the top portion of the image.
Nevertheless, you can see enough of the animation to see what will be
possible with Chime. I particularly recommend changing the display of the
bottom image of 'alpha helix unfolding' to spacefill. (Click the right
mouse button, or on Macs, hold down the button, till the familiar
RasMol-like menu appears.) I have sent an email inquiry to Raul Cachau
asking how this XYZ animation was constructed, but have not received a
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