Re: command line arguments in RasMol scripts

Henry Brzeski (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 08:39:37 +0100

Here is a suggestion which might answer your problem - you will need to try it

>Is it possible to pass arguments from the RasMol command line to this RasMol
>script? So that you can type e.g.:
>script myscript Tyr112
>and it selects Tyr112 and does with it what it is supposed to do.

rasmol 2.5 accepted script commands on the command line ie 'rasmol -script
myscript' but I do not know what it would do with Tyr112. You will have to
try this

rasmol 2.6 beta 2 has more problems with such a start because sometimes it
stalls (I think it is after the first 'zap'). If you want to run a script
from rasmol2.6 beta 2 then you should do the following
1 put all your scripts and files in a directory
2 set the properties (for win95 - I can't remember what win 3.1 calls it) so
that the program starts in this directory
3 add to this directory a file called rasmol.ini which includes the line
'script myscript'
4 sit back and enjoy

good luck


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