Re: Phi and Psi angles

Iddo Friedberg (
Fri, 7 Jun 1996 08:34:18 +0300 (GMT+0300)

On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Catherine O'Malley wrote:

> I read a BioMoo transcript in which it was stated (by John Walshaw, I
> believe) that alpha helices and beta strands could be determined by phi
> and psi angles. Can anyone tell me if these angles can be determined
> using Rasmol? If so, how is this done? If these angles can not be
> determined using Rasmol, what other method is used? Thanks.

I did not see any provision for Phi-Psi angle determination on RasMol. If
you have access to a good Unix machine, you might want to obtain & install
the Procheck package, which does Ramachandran plots & a lot of other
stuff. I can't remeber the URL, but it's easy enough to find with a



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