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Dr Alan Mills (
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 22:52:07 +0100 (BST)

Hi PPS ppls,

I offer a little explanatory comment below on this issue :-)

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Giovanni Capranico wrote:

> >Hi !
> >I've got a very neat tool for Windows that emulates winsock and allows you
> >to run Netscape locally.
> >Anybody interested ?
> >Luis
> Yes, I am. please, can you send us information on it?
> ciao
> giovanni
> ******************************************************************************

Mozock.dll is a file which acts as a null TCP/IP socket. It has to be
renamed to winsock.dll in yr. windows directory for it to be used
successfully, and then when you want to access outside networks again, you
have to remember to rename it and out back the true fully-functional
winsock.dll (.dll = dynamic linked libraries).

If you surf to

you can search for mozock.dll (as with any software) and find several sites
from which to download it.

HOWEVER, Netscape (& other browsers) can be used to examine sets of files
on your own machine using the File/OpenLocalFile options from the menu
bar, WITHOUT installing a null-socket (which then has to be un-installed).

If the hyperlinks within the set of pages have been written as relative
references rather than absolute URLs then they will work fine since no
external network reference is invoked. When you do want to go
external, you can if you have a *real* winsock.dll in place.

If the hyper-refs ARE absolute, then a null-socket won't help juumping
from page to page anyway.

It's always good practice to read the URL on the browser's bottom status
bar *before* clicking. It may influence your decision whether you want
to go there.

Where mozock.dll really _does_ come into its own is when demonstrating
Netscape on a machine that doesn't have a connection nor a modem (ie has
never seen winsock.dll).

I hope this helps.

One final point in passing, and with no criticism intended *to anyone*;
always think before posting to an email list whether your message is
intended for everyone, or might better be sent privately :-)


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