Re: Offline Browsing

Jostein Aaserud (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 21:04:08 +0200

Iddo Friedberg wrote:

> Does anyone know of offline browsers besides Webcopy?

Here are some more offline viewers:
http://WWW.FFG.COM/ (WebWhacker o/l viewer)
http://WWW.EVOLVE.CO.UK/unmozify/ (o/l viewer) (I-view o/l viewer)

Hi Iddo, the above links I haven't tried out for some time now.
Hopefully they're still valid.
I'm using WebWhacker (shareware) myself and beleive me, it saves me a
lot of money working offline. This way I also enjoy a much faster access
of the web-pages as compared to the speed I have to Birkbeck in the
afternoon and evening hours.

Jostein Aaserud