Re: Windows 95 and PDB files

Iddo Friedberg (
Sat, 17 Feb 1996 23:56:27 +0200 (IST)

Hello Catherine,

On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, Catherine O'Malley wrote:

[Weird Win'95 stuff which I don't know about deleted]

> As far as I can tell, the RasWin program has only two windows, not three as
> described in the PPS96 web pages. I have checked to see if a third window
> was hiding somewhere. The Windows95 taskbar only lists two RasWin windows,
> and the program seems to be working just fine.

Well, you also need to download the rasmenu program, at the same place
where you got raswin, and run rasmenu. This will give you 3 windows: a
menu window, a display window, and a command window. At least it does so
in Win3.1. I don't know about Win'95 compatibility. (I know next to
nothing about Win'95, see next...)

> I hope this helps someone because it took me awhile to figure it out. I'd
> like to know if anyone else is using Windows95 for the course. Perhaps the
> PPS96 web pages could be updated for Windows 95.

Good idea!

> Finally, in regard to Procheck--- I'd like to try downloading the program
> files as suggested by John Walshaw (i.e. in the source3_3 folder). (By the
> way John, thank you for your response.) There are a lot of files so I know
> this will take a long time. Can anyone tell me whether all the files should
> be downloaded as binary files or ascii files, or whether some files should
> be downloaded one way and some another way? The files are listed at

When in doubt- load binary. A good rule-of-thumb for FTPing.
In this case we are talking about tar'd/zipped (compressed) files, which
must be downloaded as binary. You will need a Unix or a VMS environment to
run them on. (Not Win'95). Read the documentation at:

I've installed it myself on a SG Indigo, Irix 4.3 and it's working quite

Procheck's input is a PDB file, and
its output are several Postscript files, which take up quite a bit of
space. Make sure you've got around 5MB spare (please correct me on this
ballpark figure, folks) per each protein
you want to analyze. (Procheck's output may be reduced, read the manual).


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