Re: Procheck

John Walshaw (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 15:52:00 +0000 (GMT)

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Catherine O'Malley wrote:

> Help! Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the course without much progress.
> I was able to download my assigned protein from the Birkbeck site without
> any problem. Next, I tried to run Procheck from the WWW site. This worked
> fine, but was so slow (really slow) that I decided to download Procheck by
> anonymous ftp. After I downloaded procheck.tar.z, I couldn't get it
> unzipped. My unzipping program (Winzip) told me that it didn't look like a
> zip file. The following questions have occurred to me, some of were
> prompted by Protein Assignment 1:
> Can Procheck be run on an IBM PC running Windows 95?
> What is an appropriate resolution at which to run Procheck?
> Where can the ExPAsy program be obtained?
> What is a SEQRES record?

Unfortunately I'm not sure that we can expect Procheck to run on PCs. The
source code is available at the same ftp site in the source3_3 directory,
along with installation instructions, so it could be worth a try- we will
look into this.

The speed of response from the Procheck WWW interface is admittedly not
great, but this is not entirely due to Internet connections- the program
itself can take several minutes to run, after which the WWW server
delivers the result; naturally the completion time depends on the size of
the protein file.

We arent expecting that everyone (particularly those outside Europe) to
be able to access the Procheck interface painlessly, but it will be worth
giving it a try.

There is info on the PDB record format, including structure resolution, at


John Walshaw