Catherine O'Malley (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 10:12:39 -0500

Help! Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the course without much progress.
I was able to download my assigned protein from the Birkbeck site without
any problem. Next, I tried to run Procheck from the WWW site. This worked
fine, but was so slow (really slow) that I decided to download Procheck by
anonymous ftp. After I downloaded procheck.tar.z, I couldn't get it
unzipped. My unzipping program (Winzip) told me that it didn't look like a
zip file. The following questions have occurred to me, some of were
prompted by Protein Assignment 1:

Can Procheck be run on an IBM PC running Windows 95?
What is an appropriate resolution at which to run Procheck?
Where can the ExPAsy program be obtained?
What is a SEQRES record?

Thanks. Cathy