MIME and SGI with rasmol

Phil Cunningham (udaa420@box.cc.kcl.ac.uk)
Thu, 15 Feb 96 12:13:07 0000

Machine SGI running irix 5.3

Hi PPSers I'm a little behind schedule..... but reading the blurb, I have
created a .mailcap file, sourced it (logout/in) and tried it.

within Netscape, at bbk-----/technology/index.html it says click here to test
your instalation... I did. It copied the pdbfile pdb1cro.pdb into my file

the path includes rasmol. I have (re)checked the details of .mailcap asci for
asci identicle to the web page...

An FAQ suggests ensuring the mailcap file is (re)read via
options/preferences/helperprogs OK which I've tried no joy

I am asuming that I will get to view the molecule thu' netscape (ie netscape
invokes/runs rasmol with 1cro in its window)

Am I mistaken? where am I going wrong!

Anyone got any ideas (pretty please)

Phil Cunningham