rasmol setting up

marjorie harding (mmh@xss2.chemistry.liverpool.ac.uk)
Mon, 12 Feb 96 13:33:28 GMT

I have so far failed to get rasmol working.
I think I have downloaded and uncompressed it OK, and modified CFLAGS...
makefile fails at the link stage; it cant find lXext in library, or XShmPutImage etc

Is the trouble that I am working on a Sun SPARC2 workstation, and it is only for sun3, sun4 etc ?
and/or that I am using SunOS 4.1 (my computing lab are encouraging upgrade to Solaris 2)

(also, the alternative xmkmf doesn't work either)
Thankyou anyone who can give me some advice !

[Marjorie Harding, Chemistry, Liverpool, mmh@liv.ac.uk]