Re: time connect

Christoph Weber (weber@obelix)
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 15:55:53 -0800

On Feb 7, 9:52pm, Tom Pauly wrote:
> Subject: Re: time connect
> On my Macintosh, I have found scratch files that contain the displayed
> images of URL's that I have previously browsed. THese are in
> system folder/preferences/Netscapef/cachef.
> THere is also a cache log that allows you to figure out which cache files
> contain text, gif images, etc from a URL.

Note that opening the file 'about:cache' in netscape 2.0 accesses this log
file. You cannot load the actual cached files from it, however :-(

> All absolute/relative URL refs are
> apparently lost in(to) the cached files, but you can peruse the images and
> text. Thus you can browse offline previously visited URLs without having to
> pay connect fees. I presume(but do not know) that windows and UNIX versions
> similar cache files. Also, text and GIFs, etc are saved seperatly and are not
> displayed together, so you must bounce from pictur to text, etc, which may be
> confusing.

You may want to bounce around the history window. I'm not sure whether it works
without a network connection, but I have been loading cached pages when their
server was down, so I would hope that this extends to having no network at all.
This is for UNIX (SGI).


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