Re: time connection

Christoph Weber (weber@obelix)
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 10:29:38 -0800

On Feb 2, 12:28pm, Alan Ward wrote:
> Subject: Re: time connection
> Re: Downloading hypertext for off-line browsing (Yvan and PeterMR)
[stuff deleted]

> A variant of such software which started at an initial document, saved it
> to a disk directory and then followed all the local links and saved them
> would be easy to write and manageable. It wouldn't work for everything
> but it could work on a course like this if authors had this in mind.

I think this is a great idea. The original authors suggestion to read and study
material during his daily commute on his protable is very appealing and Alan's
idea above would just make it possible.
Does anyone know of such a tool?
I often find myself downloading and saving other people's HTML pages for later
reading in peace.

> Maybe its something we could explore. One of the things which might
> (should?) come out of a course like this is How to ...
> "Guidelines to authors of hypertext for on-line courses" for example.
> Alan Ward

My own style for multi page documents is that I have all those docs in a their
own directory with links in between them relative and links to outside docs
absolute (of course). This way, I can simply tar the directory, transfer it to
some other place and voila, it works. Off-line browsing is just as easy and
only off-site links are broken.


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