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On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Alan Ward wrote:

> Re: Downloading hypertext for off-line browsing (Yvan and PeterMR)
> Even in non-distance learning this is important. In an evaluation of an


> Tools to check the integrity of links already exist, largely they solve
> the problem of infinite links by confining themselves to the one site. A
> variant of such software which started at an initial document, saved it
> to a disk directory and then followed all the local links and saved them
> would be easy to write and manageable. It wouldn't work for everything
> but it could work on a course like this if authors had this in mind.

We can check the integrity of the links with robots, but the problem is
simply deciding whether *what* is at the other end is possible to include.
Copyright is a bigger problem...

> Maybe its something we could explore. One of the things which might
> (should?) come out of a course like this is How to ...
> "Guidelines to authors of hypertext for on-line courses" for example.
> Alan Ward

I'd be *delighted* to see a discussion of this. There are many simple
ways in which authors can help (good titles, keywords, meta-info) but
HTML is a poor authoring language. Perhaps if we arrange things in
Hyper-G that would make extracting a book much easier...


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