Re: RasMac problem

Pierre HUBERT (
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 15:33:38 GMT

>I installed the Macintosh version of RasMol and it works fine for the
>which come along with the package.
>Unfortunately, when I call up a link in Netscape which uses Rasmol (eg.,
>in the
>amino acid tutorial), the Rasmol program does not start. I only see a normal
>text window in Netscape which displays the coordinates used by Rasmol.
>I configured Netscape for using Rasmol according to the instructions in the
>technical information WWW pages and I do not know what went wrong.
Hi Karl,

I've been using RasMol on the mac for some time without problems.
The MIME type configuration I'm using is as follows :

in Options Preferences Helper applications

Mime type/subtype chemical/x-pdb launch RasMac

This works for me in the amino-acids tutorial in PPS'96. I have
RasMac v2.5 and Netscape 1.12...

Hope this helps.


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