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> I'm using netscape 2.0 and Mosaic 2.0 and I'd like know optimal paramters for
> cache and network (memory and disk cache , network buffer size) and can you
> give me information about the role of proxies ? Is it indispensable ?

Well, that depends a lot on your system configuration (you haven't even
said what machine you're on). I use a Netscape 2.03b on an SGI workstation,
20 MB of disk cache, and 5 MB memory cache. On my Windows-based PC, I
downsize this a bit :-) 5 MB disk and 600 KB memory. This is considered
minimal. Just see how much memory (RAM and disk) you can afford to spend,
and use some of it for your caches. (You comm buffer is actually another
memory cache).

For information about proxies read:

This is info intended for Israeli universities, but it has a good
introductory explanation to what proxies are, what's good about a caching
proxy, and how to configure your browser for it.

Your next step will be finding a proxy in your country, preferably your
campus. I guess you'll have to use a search engine for that (keywords:
your_country_name or campus_name , proxy) or ask at your local
computation-services for a nearby proxy URL.

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