problems in getting the assignments for week 3

margherita ruoppolo (
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 13:16:08 -0100

I have two main technical problems:
the first, and I believe the most important, is that I can't get the
material for week3: I received, as for the last two weeks, the mail giving
me the address to contact for the course material but I was not able to
contact it: the error message I get (even when I shorten the address till
PPS2) is that the address is forbidden. What is wrong?
second: I still cannot login into BioMOO. This is the reason why I haven't
been to the BioMOO meeting yet. I subscribed it and got a password. Iddo
Freidberg has been very kind in helping me so far and he is still trying
with me to have this problem sorted out.
Thank you