RE: 'Spin' command on RasMol

Iddo Friedberg (
Tue, 30 Jan 1996 11:14:46 +0200 (IST)

On Mon, 29 Jan 1996 wrote:

> Hi Iddo,
> The "spin" command is in RasMenu, yet a *third* program
> apart from the two RasMol Windows incarnations RasMol2.5
> and RAsMol2.6. With RasMol2.5(6) one optimally has up two
> windows: screen/menu bar window and cursor window. With
> RasMenu, aim for a third: a VisualBasic-like Menu bar with
> a one-line cursor (in fact, you *could* do without the
> aforementioned cursor window then). All are ftp-able
> from the exact URL isn't at hand this moment,
> and I'll send it later if needed.

They're also available from Edinburgh:

Following our letter exchange, I'm posting this short guide to RasMol
installation for MS-Windows. Hope this'll help others.

So Actually to run RasMol on MS-Windows in full you need the
following files, available from and from other rasmol resources pointed
to by the technology page in the course hypertree.

1) which includes an executable and VB forms.
2) raswin.exe (for version 2.6: from subdirectory v2.6beta)
3) raswin.hlp (for version 2.6: from subdirectory v2.6beta)

If you don't have Visual-Basic, you also need:
4) vbrun300.dll to be installed in your c:\windows\system directory.

There are two verions of raswin: 2.5 and 2.6 I think 2.6 has ceased to be
a beta and is now a release version. Can somebody comment on that please?

1) Rasmenu will work with both versions of raswin. Actually, you can
run raswin.exe alone, but raswin.exe running under rasmenu.exe gives you a
lot more options on the pull-down menu level.

2) Create a new directory
(e.g. c:\rasmol), copy all the above files there. Copy vbrun300.dll to

3) Unzip rasmenu, and run rasmenu.exe : it'll execute raswin.exe

4) As John Reissner pointed out, there should be three windows: the
molecule display window, the command-line window, and the rasmenu window.

> For a week or so, I've been using the program with all three
> screens. What a glorious 486-empowering tool! I have not
> yet sent my thanks to Roger Sayle. He dserves many.

He certainly does!

Thanks for the help, John.

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