MUD SG and TinyFugue

Phil Cunningham (
Thu, 25 Jan 1996 09:51:04 +0000 (GMT)

Hi I need a MUD MOO client as recommended by our friendly FAQ

when I try to reach
it isnt there!

one level up we get

Welcome to Glia, at the Biostructure Graphics Lab!
Glia is administered by Jeff Prothero.
Homepages on glia include:
* Artie
* Cynbe
* Holly
* Lanya
* Mekl
* Michael
* Stan
* Toaster
(Email if you'd like your page listed here.)

which sure has no hawkeye!

I thought I'd try internally to PPS2 before trying jsp

Any other offer for sites re TinyFugue (or an equivalent)?


PhilC-KCL aka aka Phil Cunningham