Re: Like the dog who chased a car and caught it...

Iddo Friedberg (
Wed, 24 Jan 1996 09:23:54 +0200 (IST)

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996 wrote:

> Hi,
> I installed MUDWIN apparently successfully. I can
> open its window, next to a netscape window.
> (What would I do with that?) Nothing evident
> transpires when enter telnets in the MudWin
> entry box, though the way MudWin logs them makes me think
> this is the right track.

To log into biomoo using MudWin, you first have to open the "New
Connection" dialog box. under the "File/New" pull-down menu. You then
have to fill in two text fields:

Port: 8888

Click OK. You should get a connection to the BioMOO. If you tried this
yesterday (Jan 23) you may have had some problems: the BioMOO was lagging
quite badly. (I just checked it now, and it ain't so hot either).
Try this again today. Before you finish the session, save it. (File/Save.
This will save BioMOO's IP address and port number to a file. All you'll
have to do for your next connection is File/Open)

If BioMOO is behaving badly, and you just want to check out you client
application (MudWin, in your case), try

Port: 5440

That's the address of Tinytim, an old, well-established recreational MUD.

Also, read the help file, mudwin.wri that you're supposed to have
received along with mudwin. If you don't have it, tell me, I'll email it
to you.

The idea of opening a Netscape window next to a MUD client window is
simple: The BioMOO has a web interface which can display stuff in your
room graphically (say, a lecture with slide-shows, the lecturer's speech
appears on your MUD client's window, and you point to the slides on your
web-browser's window). You should log in FIRST via your moo client, and
then use the webpass authentication system via the web-browser.

> Is there an address you especially recommend to try?
> And *what* is going on (how should I do something
> to get thinfs going) when I "continue anonymously"
> via "BioMOO's Web Gateway Page"?

Try option number 8 (BE OUR GHOST) after continuing anonymously. This
will give you a fairly good idea of BioMOO's web interface. Note: you are
a ghost in this case: viewing status only, as far as I know.

> If any of this makes any sense, thanks for any hints!
> May your excellent emblem continue to dignify the net.

Click on it if you haven't done so yet...

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