Re: problems for a novice

Pierre HUBERT (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:08:15 GMT

>Im trying to configure netscape helpers application for using Rasmol or
>others application .Can you send me an example of netscape.ini for
>windows 3.10 and so I d like to know the procedure for Unix ( Mosaic and
>Netscape ) send me examples (.mailcap ?)


Here are two ways to configure Netscape for launching Rasmol and
Mage (works on a Mac, same menus exist in Netscape for Windows, and
probably in Netscape for Unix) :
Go in Menus :
- Options - Preferences - Helper applications
There is a button "New" which allows for the creation of new types
of documents, asking for Mime type and sub-type :
- for RasMol : type "chemical", sub-type "x-pdb"
- for Mage : "chemical", "x-kinemage"
Once this is done, use the "browse" button to link the document
type to the program.

But that's only if you insist on doing it manually, 'cause if you
click on the button "Unknown: prompt user" Netscape will ask you for an
application each time you try to access a document of an unknown type, and
will memorize it for you.

Hope this helps.


P.S. I'm not affiliated in any way with Netscape, but I feel like
congratulating them for a really nice Web browser.

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