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Sun, 21 Jan 1996 22:38:22 +0000 (GMT)

> On Sun, 21 Jan 1996, Iddo Friedberg wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > It might be prudent to display a message instructing students to hit the
> > "reload" button on dynamically updating pages, such as the mailing lists.
> > Otherwise, people might get an old cached version when trying to read
> > recent mail form the archives.

I completely agree- for those who might not be aware of this problem, I've
added some brief notes at

and added the advisory message on the mail index page.

On Sun, 21 Jan 1996, peter Murray-rust wrote:

> The question of how to see what new information has been added to
> the course hypertree is an extremely important and difficult one. For
> PPs1 I wrote a little script that I ran every 2-3 days and this made a
> list of all files which had been changed or created in the last (say) 7
> days. This meant that people could easily see what was new and didn't
> spend a lot of time searching deep trees with only new material.
> We didn't do this for the mailing lists, but I think that would also
> be extremely valuable. It takes a few minutes to search the mail lists
> which is a waste of time if there is nothing there. (Note that sometimes
> people do not read their mail through their normal e-mail input and
> the hypermail is therefore the primary source.)
> P.

Thanks for pointing this out. We still have this script- Dave Houldershaw
got it running again but I've modified the procedure so that the modified
(i.e. new) hypermail files are listed separately from the other modified
files. Only new archived mail messages need be listed (index pages such as
pps96-technical/9601 are in any case updated every hour by hypermail, so
arent included)

New mail files at:

New/modified files in the remainder of the Course Hypertree:

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