Re: Where to upload files? ? Technical Pages down ???

peter Murray-rust (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 00:12:14 +0000 (GMT)

In HTML (HTTP) there is not yet a common file-upload mechanism (it has
been agreed in principle by the HTML-WG but not all browsers support
it). We are looking at new and exciting technologies for the course to
use for communal working. The one that we are looking at now is called
Hyper-G, a very nice package from TU-Graz which allows the creation of
resources on a remote server under well-controlled conditions. Hopefully
we shall find out what it can do over the next few days.

If any of you have had experience of Hyper-G we'd love to hear...

Until this happens, file upload will normally involved you having to
agree a mechanism with someone here. Current technologies include:
- anonymous ftp /incoming
- mail (with an autpmatic rerouting script)
- kludgy things using cgi-scripts and forms (I used this last year).


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