Re: BioMOO-tape recorder in classroom

Peter Olds (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 12:03:57 -0800

I had a similar problem with both the PMRtape in the VSNS classroom, and the
Beginners Command Summary in the Library. I didn't know there was a "@more"
command. I can't find it in the Beginners Command Summary. (I'm using
MudWin on a PC).


At 07:18 PM 1/18/96 GMT, you wrote:
>I went to the VSNS classroom in BioMOO and tried to 'read' the PMRtape. I
>couldn't read it all of since when I typed @more it missed out a section near
>the beginning and said *** buffer overflow, lines flushed ***.
>(I was using MUDDweller on a Macintosh).
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