Re: Where to upload files? ? Technical Pages down ???

Mr. R. Williams (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 09:24:48 GMT wrote:
>>>2. Since monday I've problems to connect to the
>>>technical pages:
>>>The error-message is allways the same:
>>>document contains no data. Has anyone else the same

I suspect this is a problem either mwith the cache on your browser or
possibly with any proxy server you are using.

These are both dependant
on which browser you are using, for example, using Netscape (at least on
X windows) press the shift key and click on the reload button to force
a reload even if the page is cached. On mosaic it is possible to clear
the cache, but I can't remember how :-).

If the problem is in a proxy server site you are using then try disabling
it and reloading. In netscape this is under Options --> Network Preferences.

Hope this is some help.

Ralph Williams

UK HGMP Resource Centre