Where to upload files? ? Technical Pages down ???

Jens J Loesel (loeseljj@fru111.fr.uk.sbphrd.com)
Thu, 18 Jan 96 08:34:26 0000

Hello around

Here are two questions:

1. Where could I upload some files for the PPS2 course.
I've prepared some 20 small gif-files of the L-amino acids.
They are just between 500 and 1000 bytes big, ideal to
include on some Web Pages.
I was already asked to upload them as a tar-file somewhere
on the PPS2 computers. Who may give me the address again,
because getting in lots of mail I must have deleted the address.

2. Since monday I've problems to connect to the
technical pages:


The error-message is allways the same:

document contains no data. Has anyone else the same


PS: If someone is confused with my e-mail adresses:
I was unable to subscribe from my other computer (PC),
because Lotus Notes don't allows messages without
a subject, so I subscribed first from a Unix machine
in Frankfurt to the list and changed this now to
my own workstation which wasn't running mail properly
one week ago.
All three addresses will reach me !!!