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Kurt Giles (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 13:53:04 +0200

Does anyone have experience with Majordomo mailing system?

I recently started up a mailing list for people working in my field
(cholinesterase enzymes), and there is an anoying problem of mails getting sent
to all subscribers of the list.
Basically people are using their 'reply' option when they simply want to reply
to the sender. However, since the message has come via the Majordomo system
their computer 'replies' to the mailing system and it therefore gets
distributed to all subscribers. I've asked people not to use their 'reply'
option unless they want to contact all subscribers, but it's silly to have to
keep repeating this as more people subscribe.
Is there a way to 'fix' how Majordomo sends out mail, so replies are sent to
sender only unless the whole group is specified? Even with a more advanced
mailing systems (MediaMail) which has a choice to reply to 'sender only' or
'all recipients' wasn't able to differentiate betwen the real original sender
and the mailing list itself.

I think a similar thing would be useful for the 'consultants' list of PPS (and
maybe other more information based rather than discussion based lists). For
example, a list of dates was recently offered for a meeting, a number of people
'relied' to this including the message, so all subscribers got the message
about six times. If people could have replied directly to the sender, this
would have saved the rest of us (well me at least :-)) of having to wade
through the extra mail.

Do 'majordomo' and 'listproc' work in the same way?


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