Re: MUD clients

Sophia Kossida (
Sat, 13 Jan 1996 10:09:04 +0000

>Hello, everybody!
>Can't wait to get the course starting. The thing I'm really looking
>forward is meeting you all at
>BioMOO. I have been there and visited our classroom, using a simple telnet
>program. I would like
>to get a good MUD-client for windows. Does anybody have any advice to give
>on that ? Which do you
>reckon is the best?

Dear Luis,

I'm not an expert myself on this thing but as I had the same
question in a similar course some time ago, I was advised to use tinufugue
(tf). To be honest, I didn't realise much difference in the way I was
connecting to BioMOO with tf in comparison to telnet. They were both
working fine for me. Maybe because I never carried out too much demanding
things within the BioMOO environment. Anyway, if you want, have a look at
the above mentioned client as well.

Good luck!