Help needed to install a server

Jens Loesel (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 14:58:09 -0800 (PST)

Hello members of the PPS2

Here is a short question for help.

Working for a company as postdoctoral chemist since the start
of this year I'm allowed to use my computers at work to
attend at the course, but for reasons of safety I can't
use my workstation as URL.

Having just left Frankfurt University, my old group owns an
Indy workstation. I still have full access to it, I already
started after christmas to build some Webpages for my old
group, but I wasn't able to finish it while in Frankfurt.

What's missing, is the server software. So who could me

What I need is server software for an Silicon Graphics
Indy workstation.
Also a person I could ask for advice, when I try to install
it via the net from my new place.

My computer background is good, and I already installed
several programs, but never over the net and I'm not a Unix

I still have super user rights and back in Frankfurt they know,
that I will install the server. Unfortunately I've been the person
in group, knowing most about the Web.

For people who think they may help me, mail to: