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Regarding these two questions in Protein Assignment 1:

1.Do there appear to be other codes in PDB which are closely related?
(Often there are entries of the form 1ABC, 3ABC, etc.)

2.Are there other proteins in PDB of the same name/functionality, but
from different species? Or mutants? Are there any with the same
protein composition by different non-protein constituents?

Students might want to use the SCOP database to answer this question.
This is from the introduction page to SCOP (Structural Classifications of

"Nearly all proteins have structural similarities with other proteins and,
in some of these cases, share a common evolutionary origin. The scop
database, created by manual inspection and abetted by a battery of
automated methods, aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive
description of the structural and evolutionary relationships between all
proteins whose structure is known. As such, it provides a broad survey of
all known protein folds, detailed information about the close relatives
of any particular protein, and a framework for future research and

SCOP is a good tool to use when searching for structural homologues,
protein variants among different species, secondary structure
similarities, etc.

Point your browsers to:

A page with mirror sites of SCOP is located at:

If you wish to look further into various protein databases, and their
respective uses, look at the page originally provided for the PPS95 course:

Have fun!


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