Re: Hydrophobicity of residues

Jens J Loesel (
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 15:44:10 +0000

Hello Peter

After I discussed the question here, I was told the same,
only, that for amino acids you normally use octanol. We
looked to a Database here, and I got some values for
logP octanol / water

Phe -1.52
Leu -1.52
Ile -1.69
Gly -3.21 !!
Asn -3.41
Asp -4.25

I just got the e-mail from Graham Jackson and will
include also the value for tryptophan

Trp -1.04 !!

If you are surprised with Gly, this are of course the
amino acids, not the side chains alone.

Just to keep discussion going