Re: Assignment 2 Update

Jacky Turner (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 14:21:09 +0100 (BST)

Dear Kate, No, the method of assessment is certainly not secret and I
thought we had given out information about this before - but to recap:
For those who take the written exam (i.e. formal assessment of the
Exam 50% Project 50% Assignments "taken into account in
deciding the final grade assessment"

For those not taking the exam (no formal assessment, but certificate of
successful completion of PPS course):
Project 50%, assignments 50%
But you do not get an actual grade, just a "successful completion of
course" certificate.

Is this OK - let me know if further clarification is necessary

Best wishes to all of you who are taking the written exam on Monday,

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On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Kate Denton wrote:

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> >Dear PPS96 People,
> >
> >Thanks to all those (34) people who have sent in their Assignment 2
> >answers. The assignment is a bit of a challenge to assess, because many
> >of your answers were excellent and written at a high level! However, the
> >answers are going to the 'second examiner' and we hope to be able to send
> >you provisional grades for the Assignment 2 before too long.
> Jacky,
> Can you give me an indication of the percentage contributions of the 2
> assignments, the written exam. and the dissertation with respect to the
> overall course grade (or is this secret!)
> Thanks, Kate.
> >
> --
> Kate Denton