Format of written examination

Jacky Turner (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 19:37:42 +0100 (BST)

Dear PPS96 Students,

I realise I should have given some details of the format of the
examination paper for those of you who are going to sit the examination in
September. Here they are. Please contact me if the information below
is not clear or if you have any more queries.

Examination format:-

1) The examination paper contains 12 questions. You are asked to choose
any 5 questions to answer.
2) The time allowed for the examination is 3 hours, which gives you
approximately 30-35 minutes per question, plus some time to read the
examination paper.
3) Each question is allocated a maximum of 20% of the total marks, which
means that you need to answer 5 questions to obtain the maximum
marks available for the whole examination.
4) All the questions require essay-type answers. Most of the questions
are of the "describe.../discuss..." type.
5) It is a "closed book" examination. You cannot consult books or other
material during the exam.
6) The questions may relate to any of the PPS course material on protein
7) The nominal academic level of the Advanced Certificate course is
equivalent to the final year of a UK BSc (Bachelor's) degree.

Best wishes, Jacky for PPS96

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