Re: Assignment1 (fwd)

John Swann (
Fri, 3 May 1996 09:48:31 +1000

On 2.5.96, some comments from Horst and Silke on the assignment were forwarded:

In particular

>Q13: b) AND d) appear to be false!
> Neither are the terminal basic dipeptides conserved in all four
> sequences (they are at the C-terminus, at the N-terminus there are
> RD, RR, and KR),
> nor are the connecting peptide sequences all of the same length
> (salmon:33 AS, chicken and frog: 32 AS, alligator: zero).

This also puzzled me. Then I decided the question must be referring to the
data given below it rather than the data given above Q12. Can you confirm


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