Comments for second feedback form

Jens J Loesel (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 12:37:45 +0100

I just filled out the second feedback form and here are some

1. I was unable to find any link to it from the Noticeboard
or the accesment page. Even in the e-mail lists I didn't
found a link. Yes I know, I got two personal messages, one
from Jacky, one from my tutor, both containing the address,
but a link on the two pages above would encourage someone
just to fill it out while surfing Birbeck for news.

2. In the next form a section comments would be nice. I
know you do the forms anonymous, but everyone could leave them
free if he wants and at least this would be more
anonymous than sending an e-mail to the lists.

Happy Easter