Agenda for Protein Synthesis BioMOO meeting

Jacky Turner (
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 18:31:39 +0000 (GMT)

************** BioMOO MEETING on PROTEIN SYNTHESIS ************
Wednesday 20th March
(Vernal Equinox - start of Spring!)
at 14.00 GMT


We will be going through the course material on protein synthesis:-
with Henry Brzeski

We hope to have time to cover questions and discussion on the
following areas of the course material:

1. DNA structure and the genetic code

2. Cell biology background

3. Transcription

4. Translation

5. Targeting and transport of proteins

6. Protein degradation


Before or during the meeting you may find it useful to look at some
of the following material:

- Sophia Kossida's tutorial and discussion topics on protein synthesis:

- Henry Brzeski's tutorial on transcription:

- Vineet Gupta's collection of material on translation:

- John Walshaw's tutorial on targeting and transport of proteins:

- Beatrice Gorinsky's tutorial on protein degradation:

****** Please bring your questions and related issues *********
for discussion to the meeting tomorrow

pps96 coordinators