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> > hi yvan!
> > good to hear from you.
> > we know a number of peeple have trouble with regards connections and times
> > for the MOO so that is why it is not required, but we still like to hear
> > from you via email.
> > you said you are finsihed with assignment 1 - what exactly do you mean by
> > that - the self-assesment test or the analysis of the protein you were given?
> > let me know so i can tell you how to proceed from here.
> > have a good 2 week break
> > cheers
> > bonnie
> Hello
> Here what I mean
> Start by inspecting/retrieving the relevant file(s) from
> Brookhaven/PDB for me 4pti(proteinase inhibitor trypsin)P00974
> 1.Do there appear to be other codes in PDB which are closely related?
> (Often there are entries of the form 1ABC, 3ABC, etc.)
> 2.Are there other proteins in PDB of the same name/functionality, but
> from different species? Or mutants? Are there any with the same
> protein composition by different non-protein constituents?

If you go to Brookhaven home page and use their search engine, it offers
you the opportunity of searching for general expressions (regular
expressions). So '.pti' means <anycharacter>pti. Using this I cam up
with 4pti to 9pti.. Some of these are mutants, some are chemically

Try searching for 'trypsin inhibitor' and see what you get. That may
answer the second quaestion.

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