Re: Agenda for Protein Assignment BioMOO meeting

peter Murray-rust (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 23:19:17 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Jacky Turner wrote:

> Thursday 14th March at 17.00 GMT

I shall be there ... (physically in BBK!)

> We will be going through the protein composition assignment
> with Peter Murray-Rust

I am happy to go through this point by point, or to group them if
necessary. It's important that this isn't seen as a one-way
communication - it's not me telling you somthing - it's more seeing if
there is a general problem.
For example, item 1. Do people find it difficult to understand home
pages? To find the right bit on home pages? Also, if someone else has
the answer during the tutorial, feel free to give it to us - you are as
likely to be up-to-date as me!

> We hope to have time to cover the following points from the assignment:-
> 1. PDB files: how do you get them?
> 2. Distinguishing different records in PDB files.
> 3. Searching the PDB for related structures.

The methods in the PDB are fairly simple.
Although this Q deals with the PDB you might think if there are other
resources which give additional help.
> 4. Solvent molecules, other molecules, non-homogeneity.

This is certainly worth discussion. If you have real examples, this
could be a major part of the discussion.
> 5. Diagrams.

gifs? images created on the fly? anywhere else that serves these?
> 6. Crystallography.
If you don't know about the crystallography there qre quite a few things
to discuss here
> 7. Sequence databases.
> ***** But this agenda is not exclusive and you are welcome to raise *****
> any other related issues for discussion at the meeting.
> We look forward to meeting you tomorrow

Where possible, try to come with definite questions. e.g. not 'how do I
do item 4', but 'In my protein there are set of **** records which I
don't understand. Do they matter?'

Also, it can be useful to cut and paste a line into the MOO. Do this one
line at a time unless you know how to use the MOO paste mechanism (I
don't, but there is one).

Also, I wont have the proteins in front of me. So please don't ask 'what
is the number in column 32 of line 1234 of 1XYZ?'. If necessary, cut and
paste line 1234 into your speech.

> pps96
coordinators >
See you.


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