Re: Groupletter 10 Group Thymine - Bio-Moo Meeting on the assignment

Jacky Turner (
Fri, 8 Mar 1996 13:25:29 +0000 (GMT)


Thanks for your comments and suggestions on the BioMOO meetings and on
the submitted assignment for Term 1. We will think about it all some
more, but a couple of quick comments for now:

1. Protein composition assignment BioMOO next Thursday 14th March:

As I said on the mail about this, Peter Murray-Rust (who wrote the
assignment) will be at the meeting. It will be chaired either by
Peter or by John. I hope Raj will be there too. The idea was for
people to be able to raise questions at the meeting. Are you saying
that you would prefer to know in advance exactly what topics are
going to be discussed? Sounds like a good suggestion - can we
encourage anyone who has a specific topic she/he would like to be
discussed to let us know by next Wednesday? The we'll send out an
suggested Agenda on Wednesday evening.

2. The submitted assignment for Term 1:

Apologies that my wording was unclear on this - the assignment will be to
produce a written report on a protein (not 'your' protein, because
it will be fairer if everyone reports on the same structure) which
will be 'similar to' but not 'identical to' Peter's protein
composition assignment that you are already working on. We will
give you very complete instructions for the assignment and how to
submit it next week.

best wishes, Jacky