Jacky Turner (j.turner@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk)
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 18:05:21 +0000 (GMT)

Dear PPS96 Participants,

************** PPS COURSE SCHEDULE ***************

Some of you have been asking about the course schedule for the rest of this
term (Term 1). The following is the planned schedule for Term 1 as
from this week (week 5, 12th February) and the dates of terms and coursework
assignments for Terms 2 and 3.

Each term contains 11 weeks and there is a break of 4 weeks between terms.

*** TERM 1 ***

WEEK 5 (12th February): Continuation of section 3, i.e. the material at:


We have also allocated to each student a PDB protein structure for future
use. There is also an assignment to examine the composition of the
protein, at URL:


It is not necessary to start work on the protein in Week 5 but by
the end of Term 1 (Week 11) you should have downloaded the PDB file and
worked through the composition assignment.

WEEK 6 (19th Feb.) AND WEEK 7 (26th Feb.): Protein Synthesis (Section
4 of course material) at URL:


WEEK 8 (4th March): Bioinformatics

WEEK 9 (11th March) Web Authoring.

In Week 9 we will also give you details of the Term 1 Assignment,
which we ask you to submit before the beginning of Term 2.

WEEK 10 (18th March) and WEEK 11 (25th March): Molecular Forces.


Further details of the course syllabus for the rest of Term 1 can
be found at URL :


30th March - 28th April BREAK.
Please submit your Term 1 Assignment before the end of the break.

*** TERM 2 ***

11 weeks from Monday 29th April to Friday 12th July.

The topics we will cover in Term 2 are listed at:


We will give you the Term 2 Assignment about three weeks before
the end of Term 2. Please submit it before the beginning of
Term 3.

(In case of conflict between the coursework and your
summer vacations, conferences, etc. we can give you the Term 2
Assignment earlier in the term on request!)

13th July - 11th August BREAK.

*** TERM 3 *** 11 weeks from Monday 12th August to Friday 25th October.

This term is spent on your dissertation (project) work, which you
are asked to submit by 25th October.

The final written examination will be held in mid-September
(date to be confirmed).

(NOTE. The written examination is 'optional' in the sense that you can be
awarded the Advanced Certificate on the basis of your submitted
coursework alone - but in that case Birkbeck College
is obliged to protect itself by stating on the certificate that
your identity has not been confirmed by attendance at a written

Please contact us if you have any more questions about this schedule.

PPS'96 course organisers