BioMoo on Wed. Jan.31,1996

Catherine O'Malley (
Wed, 31 Jan 96 11:52:28 -0500

Sorry, fellow Guanines, I won't be able to attend BioMoo on
Wed.Jan.31 at 7 pm EST. I teach religious education to 7th
graders at that time. If anybody is still in BioMoo at
8:30-8:45, I'll try to join in then.

I had an excellent response to my survey of favorite BioMoo
meeting times. I sent the results to David Moss, but I haven't
heard from him yet. Based on your suggestions I recommended a
rotating schedule of meeting times as follows:

Week 1 Mon 7 pm EST
Week 2 Thurs. 10 pm EST
Week 3 Mon 7 pm EST etc.

Tues at 7 pm could be substituted for the Mon. at 7 pm time.
Tues at 10 pm could be substituted for Thurs at 10 pm.

Three people stated that they would be unable to attend BioMoo
on Wednesday. Friday wasn't popular either.

I think the Mon/Thurs. schedule listed above is easy to
remember and fair to people on both coasts of the US.
Unfortunately, it's not very good for anybody in Europe.

Hope I can talk with you at 8:30 pm tonight, or at the next
meeting. Cathy O'Malley