Re: Groupletter 4 Thymine, 2. BIO-MOO-Meeting

Fri, 26 Jan 1996 13:06:48 GMT

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 13:07:24 GMT
From: Jens J Loesel <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Groupletter 4 Thymine, 2. BIO-MOO-Meeting

Hello all around

Here is a short note for all who have been at the meeting or
who haven't.

The second meeting of group Thymine was wednesday 24.01 17.00-18.00
GMT. From group Thymine have been there:

Lesley, Jim Pitts, ClareS, Auroram, CrisV, Giovanni, Salim, AndyJ,
Kurt and JensJL.

ClareS has a log of the meeting.
I'm apologised for not being able to attend the second meeting too
due to the problem of getting in the BioMOO! I really hope to meet
everyone there next time.

After some problems to find a room (the classroom was occupied by
another meeting) everyone managed to meet in the PPS96 office just
above the classroom.

We started 15 minutes late and Jim Pitts was chairing the meeting.

Main point 1 of the meeting was therefore the question:

Do we want to have an own room.

Everyone thinks, having an own room would be good. In this case
we wouln't have problems were to meet.
Yes, I think it is a good idea.

ClareS has already a lot of experience in Bio-Mooing (but has never
built anything yet) and volunteers to coordinate the building
for ower room.

JensJL volunteers to help.

Everyone else who wants to help should mail ClareS directly.

The second main point of discussion was our own home page.

Again, everyone thinks, we want a homepage for the group.

ChrisV will coordinate the group page. It should have
some information about our group, and should include links
to personal homepages.

Salim and Giovanni want to help with the homepage.

Everyone interested shoul mail to ChrisV.

Just a short note:

Jim Pitts give an Web-address to try:

This is an selftest, everybodys should try.
Thank you to mention it.

The last important point was: when do we want to
have the meetings.

17.00-18.00 GMT seems not to be too bad, but some
people like it earlier (people at companies), some
like it later (cheaper).

The best solution seems to be: alternating 16.00
and 18.00 GMT. Everyone who was not at the meeting
and is absolute unable to connect at this times,
please e-mail.
I agree with the alternating time 1600 or 1800 but not 1800-1900 on
Friday which I can not able to attend.
The meeting ended at 18.10 GMT

My thanks here to Clare for the LOG. I just read
2 minutes ago, I should tell you if it arrived.
Thanks, it has.

Now there is still the question, when to meet next time.
Please e-mail me, when we will make the next
official Thymine meeting.

Silke sent an e-mail today and asked, if we could have
a fixed time to meet.

I think, Friday 17.00 GMT and Wednesday 17.00 GMT may
(the times we had our first two meetings) are
times to have just a short look into the BIO-MOO
to have a chat.
I will try to be there as often as possible, but please
don't expect me beeing there eyery time.

All "official" meetings will be mailed by a group letter
or our tutor or ??? to everyone.

Bye for today


All the best for everyone.