PPS'96 Week 2

Jacky Turner (j.turner@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk)
Sun, 21 Jan 1996 11:55:38 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Participants,

We spent the first week establishing communication between 'student groups',
tutors and consultants and going through the Internet skills and
familiarisation work indicated in Week1 Assignments.

The range of Internet experience among participants- and of time
available to work on the course- is really quite wide and we want to make
sure that everyone is comfortable with the basic use of email, ftp and
accessing the WWW before we go on to the next unit of course work - for
which the basics will be essential.

So we intend to take Week2 on consolidating Week1 Assignments and making
sure everyone is in communication with the course. During the week
everyone will be contacted individually by their group tutors or consultants
with a check-list of the objectives of the Week1 work.

Anyone who is having difficulties with email communication, BioMOO
connection, or any part of the course work, please mail appropriate people
for advice or help. No question is too simple! The best first point of
enquiry is often the course discussion lists because it is almost certain
that someone else has either had the same problem and/or knows the answer
and will reply. Also do not hesitate to mail your course tutors and
consultants. Your tutors will in general be more interested in the 'science'
than in the 'information technology' side of the course, but they can
forward your message to a more technical person. For problems relating to
your email address, contact John Walshaw or Jacky Turner.

Those students who have finished all the Week1 assignments
and are keen to do more - please also take the time to work with
other members of your group who have less experience and
think about organizing a BioMOO meeting, home page or
email discussion list for the group.

We will send out a check-list of objectives for Week1 and further
assignments preparatory for Week2 on Monday.

With best wishes,

PPS'96 Coordinators