BIO-MOO Meeting on friday 17.00 - 18.00

Jens J Loesel (
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 18:35:16 +0000

It's 18.05, the meeting is still going on, and I will leave it soon. But
there is work again on monday, so I just type in some lines about the meeting:

I entered the BIO-MOO at 15.00 and stumbeled into a meeting of our
tutors and consultants. I stayed with them, discussed some topics
and learnt a little bit more about the MOO.

I stayed in, talking most of the time with Jim Pitts, the Tutor from
group Thymine until Salim arrived as the first Student from group

>From Group Thymine were there:

Jim Pitts as Tutor
William Pitt and Kurt as consultant


and me

Manfred for Stephan who's child was ill
Vanessa was seen in the tutorial

>From other groups:


guests ??


Maybe I forgot someone and I don't know where everyone
belongs too. Sorry if I have missed out someone. But I think
a total of 19+ participants was good, also 50% from Thymine
found their way to the classroom.

What have we done at the meeting:

Being all Newbys, we talked the most time how to use the
MOO, who knows which commands and just had a chat.
I think what was most important of the meeting was to
be there, to try to talk to other people and to get
used to the MOO.

I think all the people which have been there have enjoyed it.
I personally found it really interesting. Having two
computers running all the time, feeling a little bit
in charge of the meeting, I'm now really tired.

But I would do it again !!!

What to say to everyone who wasn't there:

First I should tell you to look at the Hypertree and
the Bulletin Boards. You will find some news there.

A second meeting will be probably soon in the middle
of next week. I only can tell every group:

Try to organize a meeting. It's the best way to
talk to someone else. If there are any questions feel
free to ask me.


This was a short note about the meeting and a long day
for me. Greetings to everyone I met there and I look
forward to the people I will meet on the next meetings.