Group 3 Thymine: Letter 3, Bio-MOO meeting

Jens J Loesel (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 15:18:46 +0000

Hello all

Again a letter from Jens Loesel for group thymine.

This time I send the groupletter to the pps96-general
list. One reason is, I'm interested what other groups
are doing, a second, we have organized a first
meeting in the Bio-MOO.

First some information about group thymine:

We are 12 members in our group with Jim Pitts as our
Tutor. At the start of this week I started a group
letter to all members of our group, introducing
myself and asking for some reply.
Up to now, 9 members and Jim have sent mail back
to me or the whole group this leaves only 2 out of our
group missing yet. Most of the replys were sent to
the whole group, some maybe just back to me.
But this started mail in our group.

In a second letter to group thymine I asked for an
meeting in the Bio-MOO this friday. I got several
answers back. Most people agreed on:

Friday 19.01 17.00-18.00

This makes it possible also for people in the US
to meet us. Sorry, that there is no time, everyone
has time.

This meeting is open to EVEYONE. So please feel
free, if you are in some other group, to visit us
in our classroom.
I hope, 50% or more from group thymine will be there
at least to say a short hello. For everyone who is
unable to come, I will send a description of the
meeting (or is there someone else who likes to do
this) in my next group letter.

Lets the course go on !!!