Re: Let's start and thanks to the PPS2 staff

peter Murray-rust (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 14:57:09 +0000 (GMT)

Thanks very much indeed. This is excatly the sort of mail that
helps start the course on a wonderful note.

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Jens Loesel

> To all the people involved in the PPS2
> Yesterday I've surfed the Web-pages for the PPS2
> for the first time. The start is soon next week
> and we will see, how fast or slow everything starts.

Don't expect too much at first. Many people will have difficulty getting
their connections and software working. So quite a lot of correspondence
may be about the technicalities of e-mail (e.g. why do I get my mail
sent back, Why can't I get this URL to work, what is rasmol?). For some
of you this will be trivial, but then *you* might not know exactly what
the difference was between L- and D- or R and S; or what a chaperone was;
and so on.

This is an extremely good opportunity for those of you who have
expertise in electronic technology to help the others. Very often you
will have clever recipes or lists of instructions which you can share.
Although it's not *formally* part of the course I feel that learning to
develop a sense of 'good electronic citizenship' is very important and
helping newcomers is an excellent way.

> Having read the Welcome by Murray Rust I think the

I'm actually Peter Murray-Rust and tend to call myself PeterMR which is
my BioMOO login. Because all logins are unique it's an excellent way of
making sure that we refer to the right person whilst maintaining a
friendly way of talking. (Some people like having intersting names in
BioMOO like 'Watson-Crick' and 'Glycoman', but at least at the start I
suggest we stick to straightforward ones. (You can have aliases as well!).

> most important think while being part off the course
> is to contribute to it.

I agree totally.
> Being a student of the course I will try to start
> making my own contribution.
> In some respect, this is a test to see if everything
> works, but more important, this should be a
> to the PPS2 staff who made this course possible.
> There was probably a lot of work on your side. Now it
> is to us, the students, that we make the best out of it.
> Looking forward to the course and all the people
> I meet there
> Jens Loesel
One of the great social inventions of PPS1 was Gail Schumann's
register of people. Many people like to post home pages to say something
about what they do and what they are interested in. Gail is on the
consultants' list - is there a PPS2-people proposed, Gail? (NOTE: no one
should feel under any pressure to post details about themselves on the
'Net; You may note that I don't have a *.gif anywhere on the Internet -
that's deliberate.)


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